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Dr. Martin Robbins is retiring at the end of 2022 after 38+ years in practice.
New England Center for Endometriosis will continue with Dr. Romeo Lucas.
Morgan Records Management will be assuming custodianship of patients’ records.
To access your patient records click here.

There is a nominal processing fee for all medical records requests regardless of who is requesting the records. Email us at or call 833-888-0061 if you have questions.


Dr. Robbins is not taking new patients, effective 4-25-22.


The Office of Dr. Martin L. Robbins

Dr. Robbins is a board certified gynecologist and an endometriosis excision specialist. Robbins has over 30 years of experience treating reproductive system conditions through minimally invasive Laparoscopic procedures. Advanced Women's Health Care has treated and managed hundreds of women across the country who live with:

About the Practice

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgeries performed using Laparoscopic techniques have less discomfort, more rapid recovery, and have the best chance for long-lasting results.

  • "First and foremost, I'd like to say THANK YOU for making my dreams come true. Just to refresh your memory, I had a 6 hr surgery to remove extensive endo with you on Dec. 2014. Before my surgery, I had almost 2.5 years of infertility. In any event, 8 cycles post-op, I finally fell pregnant naturally! I couldn't thank you enough for being so meticulous and thorough with my surgery. I wholeheartedly believe that this was the missing link that brought me my fertility. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
  • "Dr. Martin Robbins has given me hope for the future. For so long, this disease has stopped me from being able to advance my career, attend social events, and have a family. If you have endometriosis, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Martin Robbins. I've never had a better doctor. I only wish there were more doctors like him. Thank you, Dr. Robbins, for this invaluable gift!"
  • "After years of struggling and not being heard, I was beginning to lose hope. I lived in constant anxiety and my quality of life suffered greatly. You heard me and I am so grateful and blessed to have found you. You are an extremely skilled surgeon and the amount of knowledge you hold for women's gynecological conditions is unwavering. I have seen many doctors over the years and your understanding of endometriosis is second to none. Thank you for your time and all of your explanations that you put into terms I was able to comprehend. Thank you for all of your phone calls while I was recovering. Thank you for caring. Thank you for this blessing."