It all comes down to the golden rule, or “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. When I am not working with my patients, I am a patient too. I want a provider who not only has good skills, but also cares and will take the time to explain things. I became an Endometriosis Excision specialist because I realized that this is what is necessary to have have the best chance of achieving pain relief from this devastating medical condition. I believe that as a surgeon, if I carefully listen to what each patient has to say, the patient will tell me where the pain is originating from. At surgery when the patient is under anesthesia, I know this individual person, I know what is important to her, I know what she does and does not want done, and I am going to respect her wishes. I can do the best thing in the world, and if it is contrary to what the patient wants, then it will not be good. As a Board-Certified Gyn surgeon, if someone asks for something that is wrong and clearly outside the Standard of Care, then I have a responsibility to tell the patient that I cannot go along with what she wants. But as long as what the patient wants is within the Standard of Care, then I need to respect the wishes of the patient. 

I want someone who cares enough to always be gentle and take the time to get surgeries done right. My mentor when I was younger was an ENT surgeon. My mentor always said, that if you are keeping up to date, then every 10 years 50% of everything you do should be different. I have always strived to continually advance laparoscopic surgical techniques and give my patients the best Gynecological and Surgical care that can be found anywhere. My patients should expect nothing less. Continuous improvement is a process that never stops. 

To the surgeon, a surgery is the next case you are going to perform. To a patient, surgery is a “life event”, and something that is appropriately given a lot of thought. I want to help patients through every stage of this process. I am available for all concerns and questions. This is why I have given all patients the ability to reach me whenever they feel the need to contact me. You want a surgeon who cares and will talk with you, and listens. You want a surgeon who is going to be there for you, even after the surgery has been done. 

Every surgeon sets the standards to which they intend to live up to. This is my philosophy that guides me when I take care of each and every person. 

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