Minimally Invasive Surgery

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Minimally Invasive Sugery

At Advanced Women's Health Care, we take a minimally invasive approach to surgery whenever possible. Using Laparoscopic techniques causes less stress for the patient, requires less time to heal and provides the most pain relief possible. In most cases, patients are treated in outpatient surgeries and are back to routine activities within a very short time.

Our approach is designed to reduce the likelihood of recurring surgeries whenever possible. Carefully listening to each patient's history, I gain valuable information regarding the source and location of the pain, and this assists and guides me at the time of surgery. If someone wanted something inappropriate, then I have a responsibility to not go along with it. In many clinical situations, there may be more than one way to approach the situation. As long as we are within the standard of care, I always try to take the patient's wishes into account. When a patient is under anesthesia, I follow the plan and understandings that the patient and I had in the office. 

Even if I do the best possible care, it will be no good if it is not what the patient wants. I can do the right treatment, but if it is done before the patient is ready, then she will not have peace.

I really have 2 responsibilities: 1) to give the best possible care, and 2) when everything is done, I want each patient to have peace with what we accomplished. 

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